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Eritrean/Ethiopian Conflict by Mind Map: Eritrean/Ethiopian Conflict
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Eritrean/Ethiopian Conflict

Eritrean National Identity

8th Century - Eritrea is part of the Ethiopian kingdom of Aksum

Late 8th Century - Aksum disintegrates

16th-19th century - Eritrea was held by the Ottoman empire

1865-1885 - Eritrea was held by Egypt

1885-1941 - Eritrea was held by Italy

1941 - British forces occupy Eritrea

1962 - Britain decides to make Eritrea a federal component of Ethiopia

Russian Support

1977-78 - Soviets ship 50 ships of weapons to Ethiopia


Ethiopia Annexes Eritrea

Tries to make Eritrea a province of Ethiopia

Eritrea = Access to the Red Sea; Access to the Red Sea = Economic Power/Money

Post-Independence War

1995 - Eritrean troops invade the Yemeni-held Hanish islands at the mouth of the Red Sea