Forms of Nazi Repression (1933-1945)

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Forms of Nazi Repression (1933-1945) by Mind Map: Forms of Nazi Repression   (1933-1945)

1. Economic

1.1. Anti Semitic banner, 1933, #74598

1.1.1. My group feels that this image is the best at communicating Nazi repression of the Jews. It is straightforward and clearly shows that the Jews were not wanted. It establishes Jews, and their friends, as enemies of the German people. You identify your enemies so that you can destroy them.

1.2. Explanation: This image shows an anti semitic banner in Germany. It says "The Jews are our misfortune! He who buys from Jews is a traitor to the nation!"

1.3. Analysis: This image represses Jews through economics. The banner tells people not to buy from Jewish stores. By scaring away the customers, the Nazis are driving the Jews out of business. It equates going to a Jewish store with treason. It is trying to force Jews to leave Germany because people won't shop at their stores.

2. Another method

2.1. image

2.2. explanation

2.3. analysis

3. Another method

3.1. image

3.2. explanation

3.3. analysis

4. Another method

4.1. image

4.2. explanation

4.3. analysis