Copy of Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

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Copy of Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree? by Mind Map: Copy of Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

1. portrayal: depicting or representing

1.1. realistic: given to the representation of things as they really are.

2. Yes, it is realistic

2.1. Social Status

2.1.1. When Wing was with May, they were of the same social status. They were able to communicate much better compared to Chloe and Wing. Thus, it shows how social status can affect one's communication and relationship with each other.

2.1.2. Wing was despised by Chloe. With all the negative comments by Chloe, it made Wing think even more lowly of himself.

2.2. Education

2.2.1. Wing is frightened of his A-level results, just like typical Singaporean students.

2.2.2. Goes through setbacks in his education, like not doing well in his math subject. Furthermore, not doing well in his overall A-levels.

2.3. Relationship

2.3.1. He breaks up with Chloe and after a short span of time, goes out with a new girl May Ling. Singapore guys tend to not appreciate their past relationship with one another.

2.4. National Service

2.4.1. Wing has to go through National Service like every male in Singapore.

2.4.2. Lives out of his comfort zone.

2.4.3. Wing goes through strict and vigorous training with demanding officers.

2.5. Friendship

2.5.1. Wing hangs out with friends at the void decks, clubbing and parties at friend's house.

2.5.2. His friendship ends off on a sour note because he neglected his friends for his sweetheart, Chloe. He would much prefer to please his new found girlfriend than to bond well with his long time friends, Audrey and Sham.

2.6. Character

2.6.1. Wing possesses the typical character of being selfish and self-centered as a Singaporean. Being asked for a favour by his mum, he helped his mum to buy 4-D and not telling his neighbour the numbers in case they will buy the same numbers as him.

3. No, it is not realistic

3.1. Wing has a special kind of character where most Singaporeans do not usually possess. Keeping things to himself and is a man of few words.

3.2. National Service

3.2.1. Wing was enthusiastic about NS and is keen about attending it which is unusual as most males find it a dread

3.2.2. He did not focus his conversation on National Service when there was a friends gathering. It is deemed to be unusual for a young Singaporean NS men.

3.3. Searching for identity

3.3.1. He has a character that is one of a kind, most Singaporean male do not have to ponder upon their identity. Other characters in the book like Sham is an easy going person whose character is easily portrayed out, instead of having personalities that is hard to dig out and comprehend. Most Singaporean male are like Sham who possess a more direct kind of personality trait, instead of an indirect one like Wing's.

3.4. Relationships

3.4.1. Not all males would be like Wing who does not appreciate his old relationships with his family, by forgetting the date of his father's death anniversary.

3.4.2. Not all males would be willing to end friendships because of their new relationships with other people.

3.5. Races

3.5.1. He does not despise or shun away from Ruth who is a Filipino. He even gets well along with her. He does not look down on her, and even helps her to find his boyfriend. It unusual for Singaporeans.

3.5.2. Wing has an Indian close friend, Sham. He shares many secets with him and even gets along well with him. Most Singaporeans would tend to only mix with people of the same race.

3.5.3. Not everybody would be willing to be open minded like Wing to make friends with people from other races.

3.6. Academic preference

3.6.1. Wing prefers arts subjects like history and literature to science subjects which is not commonly found as most people would prefer science subjects to arts subjects.

4. Key words & ideas

4.1. realistic portrayal

4.1.1. definition

4.2. search for identity

4.3. Singaporean

4.3.1. Goes through national service

4.3.2. Speaks dialect

4.3.3. Selfish

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