Event-Mate iPhone Application Version 2

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Event-Mate iPhone Application Version 2 by Mind Map: Event-Mate iPhone Application Version 2

1. Event Database

1.1. GPS-Check events near location

1.1.1. CHECK in current event see current events in town see event ratings see attendants

1.1.2. CREATE new event (tied to GPS coordinates)

1.1.3. IMPORT event facebook google outlook ical


2. Free Registration

2.1. sharing principle: only access to information that you are willing to share yourself

2.1.1. share information only if match

2.1.2. share information for everyone

2.2. Profile

2.2.1. self and search thats me... I am looking for...

2.2.2. Interests interest groups music sports hobbies

2.2.3. Date Profile lights red = taken Yellow = will see green = single personal feautres optional: real name physical information personal preferences groups & affiliations other networks

2.2.4. Status at the moment (like skype) talk to me availabe busy I am... Just hanging out by myself hanging out with friends bored working hard looking to meet new people and want to talk about... horny

2.2.5. announcement

3. Browse

3.1. external link

3.1.1. facebook

3.1.2. linkedin

3.1.3. twitter

3.1.4. myspace

3.2. nickname

3.2.1. personal features

3.3. status information

4. Extensions

4.1. Blind-Date Mode

4.2. Matching-Alarm

5. Contact

5.1. Requester

5.1.1. meet

5.1.2. chat

5.1.3. contact information

5.2. Accepter

5.2.1. accept

5.2.2. Turtle Mode

6. exhange information

6.1. push vcard

6.2. bump

7. Search

7.1. nickname

7.2. interests