Build A 6 Figure A Year Lifestyle Business Step By Step Plan

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Build A 6 Figure A Year Lifestyle Business Step By Step Plan by Mind Map: Build A 6 Figure  A Year Lifestyle Business Step By Step Plan

1. Choose A Niche

1.1. What are your interests, hobbies, passions? Training Video On Finding Your Niche

1.2. 8 Step Process For Finding A Niche Worksheet

2. Identify Your Number

2.1. How much money do you need to earn a day to quit your job or live a more ideal life?

2.2. How much sales and traffic do you need?

2.3. Identify Your Number Training Video

2.4. Identify Your Number Spreadsheet

3. Creating Your Customer Avatar

3.1. Customer Name

3.2. Age

3.3. Wants, Needs, Desires, Fears

3.4. Words They Use

3.5. Websites They Visit

3.6. Use Forums/Groups To Answer These Questions

4. Create Facebook Fan Page

4.1. Fan page is to run page post engagement ads

5. Create FB Group

5.1. FB Group is to build community, increase trust

5.2. Collect ideas for emails, info products, giveaways

5.3. Ask Questions

5.3.1. What tools/resources can you not live without?

5.3.2. Why did you start (insert activity in niche)

5.3.3. Why do you want (insert benefit)

6. Select A Physical Product In Your Niche

6.1. Amazon

6.1.1. Criteria for selecting amazon products

6.1.2. How to private label

6.1.3. How to get reviews Run a promotion use Ask for reviews:

6.2. Etsy

6.3. Shopify

6.4. Affiliate Program

7. Creating Your Optin Page & Technology

7.1. Get A domain and hosting

7.2. Link up with aweber

7.3. Create a blog

7.4. Optin Page Templates: Download Files Here

7.5. Training Video On Setting Up Your Technology

8. Create List Of Products To Promote

8.1. Add yourself to competitors mailing lists

8.2. check clickbank

8.3. Google your niche + affiliate

8.4. Create your own products

8.4.1. How to presell your Products - make money before making the product

8.4.2. Continuity Program - how to develop passive income

9. Create Email Follow Up Sequence

9.1. Use the email calendar

9.2. Use email templates

10. 10 Create FB Ads

10.1. Set up conversion tracking

10.2. Find precise interest targets

10.3. set up retargeting

10.4. Match Ad closely to audience

11. 11. Optimize FB ads

11.1. Run Report

11.2. Check which demographics are responsive

12. 12. Optimize Funnel

12.1. CPC

12.2. Optin Rate

12.3. CTR Thank You Page

12.4. Email Open Rate

12.5. Email Click Through Rate

12.6. Conversion Rate Sales Page

12.7. Conversion rate physical product

13. 13. How To Outsource Your Business