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Build A 6 Figure A Year Lifestyle Business Step By Step Plan by Mind Map: Build A 6 Figure  A Year Lifestyle Business Step By Step Plan
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Build A 6 Figure A Year Lifestyle Business Step By Step Plan

Choose A Niche

What are your interests, hobbies, passions? Training Video On Finding Your Niche

8 Step Process For Finding A Niche Worksheet

Identify Your Number

How much money do you need to earn a day to quit your job or live a more ideal life?

How much sales and traffic do you need?

Identify Your Number Training Video

Identify Your Number Spreadsheet

Creating Your Customer Avatar

Customer Name


Wants, Needs, Desires, Fears

Words They Use

Websites They Visit

Use Forums/Groups To Answer These Questions

Create Facebook Fan Page

Fan page is to run page post engagement ads

Create FB Group

FB Group is to build community, increase trust

Collect ideas for emails, info products, giveaways

Ask Questions

Select A Physical Product In Your Niche




Affiliate Program

Creating Your Optin Page & Technology

Get A domain and hosting

Link up with aweber

Create a blog

Optin Page Templates: Download Files Here

Training Video On Setting Up Your Technology

Create List Of Products To Promote

Add yourself to competitors mailing lists

check clickbank

Google your niche + affiliate

Create your own products

Create Email Follow Up Sequence

Use the email calendar

Use email templates

10 Create FB Ads

Set up conversion tracking

Find precise interest targets

set up retargeting

Match Ad closely to audience

11. Optimize FB ads

Run Report

Check which demographics are responsive

12. Optimize Funnel


Optin Rate

CTR Thank You Page

Email Open Rate

Email Click Through Rate

Conversion Rate Sales Page

Conversion rate physical product

13. How To Outsource Your Business