ACtion Plan for new ELL students

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ACtion Plan for new ELL students by Mind Map: ACtion Plan for new ELL students

1. Eligibility

1.1. ACCESS Exam

1.2. Parent Survey of Home

1.3. Observation of student

2. Re-Assessment

2.1. After 6 months there will be a re-assessment of the student's developing literacy: Increasing the complexity of sentence structure.

2.2. Expansion of vocabulary: Building on concepts learned in class.

3. Services to students

3.1. Daily, the ELL teacher and Special Education teachers will work with the students In the classroom

3.2. Weekly pull out for work with ELL teacher. WHY? The student needs time to recover the missing information before moving on with the next lesson. A student may need additional time to finish an assignment or take a test.

3.3. The teacher will supply the necessary accommodations, prior to the given work the teacher will be helping the student working with modified text

4. Student placement

4.1. The parents and the school coordinator can decide if the student will be placed in a Dual Language Program if they are young enough to enter.

4.2. Given the older nature of the student, they will be placed in the Secondary Newcomer Literacy program by the IEP team. If there is an ELL on site they will be assigned to the student the week before school begins.

4.3. Parents may decide to place the student in a content based English Program

5. The IEP coordinator and ELL professional will test the student with an assessment called ACCESS RESULTS

5.1. score between 1-4 results indicate Pre-Productive

5.2. Score 4-4.9 demonstrates Early Productivity

5.3. Score of 5 or more designates Emerging: Student is able to create simple sentences and follow directions with independence.