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iWatch by Mind Map: iWatch

1. design

1.1. Two different-sized

1.1.1. reason different wrist

1.1.2. sizes 38mm 42mm

1.2. Custom alloys

1.2.1. reason good looking stand up to the physical demands of daily wear

1.2.2. types Stainless Steel Silver Aluminum 18-Karat Yellow Gold 18-Karat Rose Gold Space Gray Aluminum Space Black Stainless Steel

1.3. different bands

1.3.1. reasons provide the perfect finishing touch change the look of Apple Watch

1.3.2. types Link Bracelet Leather Loop Modern Buckle Milanese Loop Sport Band Classic Buckle

1.4. different appearances

1.4.1. functions change colors choose design elements add functionality

1.4.2. reason precisely right for everyone

1.4.3. types Chronograph Color Timelapse Solar Motion Utility Photo Simple Mickey Mouse Astronomy Modular

1.5. three distinctive collections

1.5.1. iWatch

1.5.2. iWatch Sport

1.5.3. iWatch Edtion

2. Features

2.1. need not to set the time yourself

2.1.1. continually checks against the definitive global time standard with GPS satellites automatically adjusts

2.2. add specialized functions

2.2.1. examples stopwatches stock quotes weather updates

2.3. communication

2.3.1. button next to the Digital Crown access Friends send a message make a call mail

2.4. Digital touch

2.4.1. Sketch draw something Your friend can watch your drawing animate, then respond

2.4.2. Walkie-Talkie trade spur-of-the-moment sound bites

2.4.3. Tap gentle tap,friends will feel on the wrist

2.4.4. Heartbeat press two fingers on the screen

2.5. installed apps

2.5.1. Activity App provides a graphic of daily activity The Move ring The Exercise ring the Stand ring reason fitness

2.5.2. Workout App reason fitness shows time, distance, calories, and pace setting goals for each workout give you a summary of what you’ve achieved your workout is included in Activity app measurements

2.6. Apple Pay

2.6.1. Passbook keeps tickets, boarding passes, and loyalty cards for you to use credit and debit cards

3. technology behind

3.1. Digital Crown

3.1.1. allows you to zoom and scroll without obstructing your view

3.1.2. push it like a button to return to the Home screen

3.2. Retina display

3.2.1. incredibly high pixel density makes numbers and text easy to read at a glance, even while you’re moving. Images and graphics render with remarkable sharpness and contrast

3.2.2. energy efficient

3.3. Force Touch

3.3.1. distinguish between a light tap and a deep press

3.4. Glances

3.4.1. optimized your favorite apps

3.5. Siri

3.6. Taptic Engine

3.6.1. a linear actuator producing haptic feedback

3.7. heart rate sensor

3.7.1. uses infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes to detect

3.7.2. with GPS and Wi‑Fi in your iPhone measure all kinds of physical movement

3.8. MagSafe technology

3.8.1. charging completely sealed system free of exposed contacts requires no precise alignment

4. background

4.1. label

4.1.1. WATCH

4.2. type

4.2.1. smartwatch created by Apple

4.3. Release date

4.3.1. Early 2015