Estuary /LAES Public (+) facing web resources

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Estuary /LAES Public (+) facing web resources by Mind Map: Estuary /LAES Public (+) facing web resources

1. Can help tell the story but is NOT the story

1.1. Could be a part of the interface to everything else

2. Virtual telescope

2.1. Seemless navigation of rich content, with struct/unstruct context data displayed alongside

2.1.1. Requires very very rich data sources

2.2. Synergistic with ShoreView layer (virtual shore walk)

3. Rich Smart Resource Catalog (Sci-Scope) and Display metaphors

4. New, Web 2.0 way to integrate/display multi-level models

5. Accessing more better modeling

5.1. Bringing existing model runs to the people [model broker]

5.2. Bringing more people to the models [better visualization/inclusion /scenarios manager]

5.3. Bringing the model to more people (putting model in cloud and helping people run it) [Louis linker CPB]