Human resources Management system

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Human resources Management system by Mind Map: Human resources Management system

1. Payroll

2. Work Time

2.1. best usage of time management for better job results

3. Benefits Administration

3.1. applies new methods

3.2. creates a cooperative environment

4. HR management Information system

4.1. department

4.2. job title

4.3. grade

4.4. salary

4.5. salary history

4.6. position history

4.7. supervisor

4.8. training completed

4.9. special qualifications

4.10. ethnicity

4.11. date of birth

4.12. disabilities

4.13. veterans status

4.14. visa status

4.15. benefits selected

5. Training/Learning Management System

5.1. attending workshops

5.2. communicating with people in similar positions in other countries

5.3. exchanging knowledge and skills in an academic system with other cultures

6. Performance Record

6.1. helps save backup data to use them later on

6.2. helps specify the pros & cons to work on developing them

7. Employee Self-Service

7.1. get to know more about employees customs and opinion

7.2. study employees needs