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Assessing Participant Learning in Online Environments by Mind Map: Assessing Participant Learning in Online Environments
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Assessing Participant Learning in Online Environments

Benson, A. D. (2003). "Assessing Participant Learning in Online Environments." New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education Winter 2003(100): 10. Assessing participant learning in online environments provides benefits and challenges. Fortunately, the available technology tools allow for a wide range of assessment techniques

Assessment is key component of any Teaching and Learning System

Needs to be ongoing process, integrated throughout course

Should consist of multiple measures

Confusion between Assessment & Evaluation

Because same data used to analyse learning and measure program effectiveness

Assessment is the activity of measuring student learning, and characteristics such as aptitude and motivation

Evaluation judges effectiveness and worth of programs and products

Assessment Taxonomies

Not competetive. They refer to purpose of assessment, or the learning domain the assessment best measures. There should be variety in every learning event, as determined by purpose and needs of learner.

Assessment by purpose



Performance Assessment

Assessing in Online environments



Online Assessment Strategies & Techniques

3 Questions to answer when developing

Successful strategies answer the 3 questions and combine (depending on domain of outcome)