Recruiting Specialist

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Recruiting Specialist by Mind Map: Recruiting Specialist

1. Emails

1.1. manage the vendors account

1.2. Document Organization

1.3. Follow up with vendors on getting the right information

1.4. Answer questions

2. Headhunting

2.1. find vendors for special circumstance orders

2.1.1. orders that we cannot find people forr

2.1.2. orders that need a specific license or specialty

2.1.3. may manage special contractors and contracts

2.2. send out mass emails about unassigned orders

2.3. Formsite

2.3.1. review documents for compliance

2.3.2. possibly help manage the development of the form

2.4. Add vendors to ppw

2.4.1. assign a few individual orders to spec. vendors and manage progress for 30 days

2.4.2. New vendors need a training checklist so we can make sure the vendors we sign on know what they need to know

2.4.3. Send training materials follow up on traaining material

3. Performance Reports

3.1. Performed weekly

3.2. create a monthly performance improvement plan for that city if turn around is less than 80%

3.2.1. share with chris, and I

3.2.2. Job posting post craigslist ads use various ads sites

3.2.3. Forward the improvement plan to the client

3.3. Distribution Development

3.3.1. Analyze distribution methods and provide improvement recommendations on how orders are distributed

4. Training

4.1. PPW

4.1.1. needs logins

4.1.2. He can watch the videos for this

4.2. Formsite

4.2.1. Bri train on this

4.3. Performance Reports

4.3.1. I will need to train on this

4.4. email

4.4.1. needs templates

4.4.2. Have bri train him

4.5. Job Posting Ads

4.5.1. Bri train

4.5.2. need templates

4.6. Head hunting

4.6.1. Chris, Naomi and I need to go over training for this, over doing phone calls

4.6.2. provide the

4.7. Aspen Grove training

4.7.1. Bri and I can train on this

4.8. General Property Preservation Knowledge

4.8.1. Provide the MCS training center

4.9. Payments

4.9.1. Naomi, Chris and I should go over how contractos are paid

4.10. Go over the method of applying leverage on vendors to get orders completed sooner or easier

4.11. Go over the life of a work order

4.11.1. issuance

4.11.2. assignment

4.11.3. completion

4.11.4. submittal

5. Compliance

5.1. Insurance Reviews

5.2. Background checks

5.3. check W9's for correct informatino

6. Collaboration

6.1. Operations

6.1.1. communicate with chris at the end of everyday about issues with vendors

6.2. Fulfillment

6.2.1. communicate with the fulfillment team about the quality of certain vendors

6.3. Client

6.3.1. reach out to clients and find out their quality, and submission expecations

7. The goal: Get our company to a 90% turn around rate on orders