The learning Manager

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The learning Manager by Mind Map: The learning Manager


1.1. Intro

1.1.1. What is Learning Manager Apply Understand

1.1.2. Gateway

1.1.3. Why Complexity Change Knowledge/Competency Relational Emotional Intellegence Expectation Balance

1.1.4. Personal Orientation Me

2. Self-Awareness

2.1. Choice

2.1.1. Choice

2.2. Low Self-Awareness

2.2.1. Confusion

2.2.2. Self-Esteem

2.2.3. Dysfunctional & Stress

2.2.4. Desired vs achieved outcomes

2.3. What

2.3.1. How I make sense of the world

2.3.2. How others might see me

2.3.3. Strength & weaknesses

2.3.4. Emotional reactions

2.4. Aspects of Self

2.4.1. Living

2.4.2. Loving

2.4.3. Learning

2.4.4. Legacy

2.5. JOHARI Window

3. Heart

3.1. FEEL

3.1.1. Emotional Awareness Why Thinking species Rationality needs New evidence converging from multiple fields Hardwiring Need for emotion Anger Fear Happiness Disgust Sadness Where Individual reaction Social Norms Specific context Role What Personal master (internal) Social competence (external) Improve your emotional awareness Develop (from zero) Improve from existing

3.1.2. Values & Beliefs Process of acquiring Imposed Values Clarified Values Discarded Values What Operational Moral Value Change Intense experience Rationalization


4.1. Learning Style

4.1.1. Ned Herman

4.1.2. Hunny Munford

4.1.3. Continuous Learning

4.2. Framing/Assumption

4.2.1. Reframing Purpose Time Context

4.2.2. Fixed Mindset

4.2.3. Sensory Perception Model Inputs / Awareness Frames / Analysis Meaning / Interpretation Evaluate/ Reactions Behavior / Manifestation Covert Overt

5. Hands

5.1. DO

5.1.1. Facilitation Why Pitfalls What Important Craftmanship Group Skill Individual Skill 3 Facilitating Styles Autonamous Co-operative Hierarchical 6 Functions Planning Manage Process Confronting Feeling Structuring Valuing Conflict Resolution

5.1.2. Assertiveness What Expressview/feelings Respect 5 principles Be focus Be persistent Accept responsibility Don't be apologetic Ignore criticism When Aggressive Assertive Passive

5.1.3. Influencing Styles Push Pull 7 Techniques Seed sowing Courting Salami(slicing) Fait accompli Own people Delphi Agent