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StoryJumper by Mind Map: StoryJumper

1. Students can develop stories independently, in pairs, in small groups, or as a whole class!

1.1. Create the backgrounds

1.2. Use their own words

1.3. Creative writing/expression

1.4. Stories can reflect curriculum (i.e. stages of a butterfly life cycle, how-to writing)

2. Teachers can model and gradually release the activity to students and have them take the lead.

2.1. Student support can be adjusted as needed during the learning process to accommodate diverse learners

2.2. Students can develop as much or as little as they want to express their thoughts through the story

2.3. Students can login to the site at home to enhance the home-school connection

2.3.1. The stories created can be shared among all the classes in the school for viewing, or on the classroom website Can others comment on/add to the stories after they are shared? (similar to VoiceThread) -Dr. Fritz You can print the story, share it, or provide comments for it.


3.1. Create your own books, keep them organized under a class, create student names and passwords for home access

3.2. Easy to navigate

4. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

4.1. Creating

4.1.1. Producing, designing, planning, publishing

4.2. Understanding

4.2.1. Classifying, comparing