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Getting Real by Mind Map: Getting Real
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Getting Real

Getting Real by 37signals, Copyright © 2006 by 37signals\

The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application


build less than others

solve my problems

fund yourself

fix time and budget

Have an Enemy

stay lean

easier to change

tree musketteers

Be yourself

embrace constaints


be explicit

ignore details early on

It’s a Problem When It’s a Problem

Hire the Right Customers

Scale Later

Make Opinionated Software


Half, Not Half-Assed

eassential only

start with no

hidden costs

forget feature requests

hold the mayo

human solutions

Interface Design

Interface First

Epicenter Design

Three State Solution

The Blank State

Get Defensive

Context Over Consistency

Copywriting is Interface Design

One Interface

see also


Less software

Optimize for Happiness

Code speaks

Manage Debt

Open Doors


race to running software

rinse and repeat

idea to implementation

avoid preferences


test in the wild

shrink your time



Don't do Dead Documents

Tell me a quick story

use real words

personify your product

Pricing and Signup

Free Samples

Easy On, Easy Off

Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids

A Softer Bullet

The Organization


Alone Time

Meetings Are Toxic

Seek and celebrate small victories


Hollywood Launch

A Powerful Promo Site

Ride the Blog Wave

Promote Through Education

Feature Food

Track Your Logs

Inline Upsell

Name Hook


Feel the Pain

Zero Training

Answer Quick

Tough Love

In Fine Forum

Publicize Your Screwups




more than just software

keep in touch