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Working with Developers by Mind Map: Working with Developers
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Working with Developers

Why we love it

We solve problems

We perform magic

People use the product of our labor, from which we are not disconnected

What are our inner conflicts

Or, what makes us weird

Software is an asset, source code is a liability

Change is inevitable, and expensive

There is a vicious tradeoff between simplicity and over-engineering

The computer is the source of our power, and it is really, really literal

Developing software requires a tremendous amount of focus

Brooks's Law: Adding people to a late project makes it later

There's a significant difference between the development cycle and the time before deployment

What can you get out of this?

A glimpse into another, weird world

An understanding of what we do so you can

An understanding of our strengths and weaknesses

What can you do to help

Think about what you need upfront, and think about it hard

Find us examples of what it is you want

Help us get budget for prototypes and for planning

When you want to ask for a new feature, think hard about whether anyone would actually ever use it

Embrace technology

Remember that the most flexible system is not necessarily the best system

Remember that computers are really, really different from people, and when we've spent a lot of time dealing with computers, it can take us a little bit to get used to people again

Be realistic with your deadlines, constant deployment leads to panic

Where do we fall down?

We hate giving estimates

It's easy to get the "new/shinny's"

We have trouble keeping the really big picture in mind

We have trouble testing our own work

We have some trouble being really excited about adventurous features

The last 10% of any feature is hideously boring

We over-rely on technological solutions