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Family by Mind Map: Family

1. Father

1.1. My dad turned 53 September 28th.

1.2. For my dad's 50th birthday party, there we're over 100 people at our small house in Blooomington, MN.

1.3. He currently works at "Sherburne County" Jail.

1.4. He owns a dog named "Bandicoot". We got that name from my aunt, it is a street name.

2. Mother

2.1. My mom's birthday is May 22nd.

2.2. Her favorite color is Yellow.

2.3. She turns 43 this year.

2.4. We enjoy getting our nails done together and our hair, going out to eat, shopping for clothes and makeup and going to movie theaters.

3. Brothers

3.1. I have 3 brothers.

3.2. Only one is full-blooded and his name is Mitch.

3.3. My other 2 are half brothers.

3.4. Christopher Lives in Iowa.

3.5. Justen lives in Becker and works right by the airport in Princeton, MN.

3.6. Mitch is currently living with us and is working with my boyfriend by the airport in Princeton, MN.

4. Sister

4.1. I have one little sister named Abbigale,

4.2. She is 12 years old.

4.3. We're not full blood, we are 1/2.

4.4. She loves playing the WII and doing hair.

5. Aunts

5.1. I have four aunts total.

5.2. My favorite aunt would have to be my Aunt Jody.

5.3. One of my aunt's is paralyzed from the neck down due to a horse bucking her off.

5.4. I am more closer with my aunt's side instead of dad's.

6. Cousins

6.1. On my dad's side, my cousins and I are all one year apart

6.2. My cousin Taryn had her little girl "Bethanee" three year's ago today.

6.3. I have three cousins on my mom's side. (Nicole, Brandon, Bella)

6.4. I am not very close with the cousin's on my dad's side.