Information Network

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Information Network by Mind Map: Information Network

1. Email

2. Mobile Apps

3. Web Browsers ( Mobile and Desktop)

4. Social Media Platforms

4.1. Blogger

4.2. Pinterest

4.3. Facebook

4.4. Google+

4.5. Instagram

4.6. YouTube

4.7. Twitter

5. Physical

5.1. Human Interaction

5.1.1. Informal Conversation as a Customer/Patron with Strangers with Friends/Family with Casual Acquaintances

5.1.2. Listening to Others Live Music Live Comedy Show Lectures Church Sermon

5.1.3. Formal Conversation Class Discussions Groupwork Presentations Case Studies

5.2. Inanimate Objects

5.2.1. Print Materials Textbooks Magazines Novels Coursework Manuals/Handbooks Cookbooks for Electronics for Appliances Dictionary Warranties and Contracts Financial Documents Billing Statements/Receipts Taxes and Wages Personal Identification I.D Birth Certificate Social Security Card Coupons/Billboards/Print Ads Newspapers

5.2.2. UNC Libraries Stacks Computer Labs Media Center Fax Machine/Copier/Printer

5.2.3. Storage Devices CD USB Drive DVD Cassette Tapes VHS

5.2.4. Media Devices Smartphone Nook Radio Macbook Pro Television Camera

5.2.5. Photographs

5.2.6. Handwritten Documents Reminders Scribbles Address Book Lecture Notes Notes from Readings Personal Journal Letters Planner

5.2.7. Other Tools Calculator Thermometer Scale Analog Clock Watch Calendar

6. Virtual/Digital

6.1. Computer Operating Systems

6.1.1. Mac OS

6.1.2. Microsoft Windows

6.1.3. Android

6.1.4. Unix

6.1.5. Linux

6.2. Digital Documents

6.2.1. Photos Applications Paint Adobe Photoshop

6.2.2. Text Microsoft Office Adobe PDF Notepad

6.2.3. Presentations Prezio Powerpoint

6.2.4. Databases Flat Excel Relational Access

6.2.5. HTML/CSS Notepad++ Adobe Dreamweaver Oxygen XML

6.3. Video

6.3.1. Television Programs NFL Games News Discovery Channel

6.3.2. Films

6.3.3. User-generated

6.4. Audio

6.4.1. Music Radio FM Satellite Internet Radio Streaming Spotify Digital File MP3

6.4.2. Virtual Voicemail

7. Courses

7.1. STOR 151

7.2. INLS 201

7.3. INLS 500

7.4. INLS 385

7.5. INLS 509

8. Internet