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Family by Mind Map: Family

1. Mom

1.1. She loves to read.

1.2. She loves to write books.

1.3. She has 5 siblings.

1.4. She grew up on a farm.

2. Dad

2.1. He has 2 siblings.

2.2. He loves to snowmobile

2.3. He loves the vikings.

2.4. He loves the twins.

3. Alex

3.1. Has a baby named Jackson

3.2. Is engaged to Andrew.

3.3. She lives in Coon Rapids.

3.4. She's a nanny.

4. Dani

4.1. She can sing very well.

4.2. She can draw really good.

4.3. She likes to cook.

4.4. She likes to go to the gym.