DC biker game app

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DC biker game app by Mind Map: DC  biker game app

1. research

1.1. questions

1.1.1. is there a manual for bikers (like there is for drivers)?

1.1.2. what are the experiences of the bikers?

1.1.3. Stats?

1.1.4. is there a market for this game app?

1.2. possible associations

1.2.1. city majors

1.2.2. bike associations

1.3. biker interviews

1.3.1. Nicolas Gouffray

1.3.2. Karen Kim

1.4. competition

1.4.1. are there any other apps like this we can review? http://appadvice.com/applists/show/bikers

2. output

3. My Geistesblitzes

3.1. the benefit of the app is that it can promote a biking culture and push upgrades and educate about those upgrades in a fun way