Natural Disasters in the U.S

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Natural Disasters in the U.S by Mind Map: Natural Disasters in the U.S

1. The top 10 costliest U.S. natural disasters between 1980 and 2010 caused more than $501.1 billion in damage and up to 22,240 deaths. (

1.1. Sooo It's costing alot of money, rebuilding, and helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy

1.1.1. Solution? have a fund thing and help the people who were victims of Sandy, then help to rebulld, or fund should provide cash directly to people and localities that have suffered significant damage. Those who have lost their homes should not have to wait for nine months or more to get the funds needed to rebuild. Since the amount of money needed to rebuild will remain unchanged, why add to the final bill unnecessary and demoralizing delays? With a trust fund, moreover, money pegged to disaster relief can be invested and grow over time. (

2. Hurricane Sandy developed from a tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea on October 22, 2012 (

2.1. In the United States, Hurricane Sandy affected 24 states, including the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine and west across the Appalachian Mountains to Michigan and Wisconsin, with particularly severe damage in New Jersey and New York. Its storm surge hit New York City on October 29, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city. Damage in the United States amounted to $65 billion (