How businesses can use web 2.0 tchnologies.

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How businesses can use web 2.0 tchnologies. by Mind Map: How businesses can use web 2.0 tchnologies.

1. Wikis:Wikis could be used in a way that people could share information about vital developments in a business products and services. Consumers could enhance the productions of certain goods and help impliment better and easier ways of using businesses products and services.

2. RSS: This web 2.0 technology could help customers access their favourite products and services in the businesses web site quickly. This will help satisfy your customer needs and wants efficiently

3. Mashups and Widgets: Businesses could be able to merge certain products, to make 'super' products and services making it cheaper for customers.

4. Cloud computering: Businesses could provide better and quick access to use internet services

5. Blogs: Employees could provide ideas and opinions about how the business can better satisfy the employees needs.

6. Social networking sites: Social networking sites could being the business and it's customers or potential customers closer together. Businesses can advertise their products and services on these sites which would have a great effect as social networking is growing by the day and covers most average individuals.