MYP Question Can we just 'Wing' it?

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MYP Question Can we just 'Wing' it? by Mind Map: MYP Question  Can we just 'Wing' it?

1. Objectives

1.1. A: Knowledge

1.1.1. New node

1.2. B: Concepts

1.2.1. How systems, models and institutions operate

1.2.2. Complex and dynamic nature of systems

1.3. C: Skills

1.3.1. Decision making - Make well-substantiated decisions and relate them to the real world contexts

1.4. D: Presentation & Organisation

1.4.1. Present and express ideas using appropriate language, style and visual representation

2. Learning Expereinces

2.1. 1.Tuning In (30 mins each activity).

2.1.1. a: F30 mins each • Food Tech – no cooking, make lunch. JL, KO’M, SC • Tech – BP Challenge. ShM, CS • Outdoor Challenge – Silver bullets. SM • Art – Gift Box – LB, AZ

2.1.2. b: . Small reflection after each activity. • What was the system you used? • How effective was this.

2.1.3. c: Back in class create a class ‘wordle’ about what was important? Start in small groups and then as whole class for the ‘wordle.’

2.2. 3. Reflect on systems of 1 & 2 – what are the commonalities? Are the systems the same? Create another Class ‘wordle’ and compare growth of understanding.

2.3. 2. Speaker: A Chef. Blending creativity and systems. ‘Tutte Bene – Mr Manucci. JL

2.4. 4. Brainstorm about self and systems they are involved in.

2.5. 5. Moving tangible to fantasy. Court Jesters – create an imaginary world that has systems in place. Involve the girls.

3. Resources

3.1. Picture Books

3.1.1. Duck

3.1.2. New node

3.2. Movie Snippets

3.2.1. Antz

3.2.2. Wombles

3.2.3. Cinderaella

3.2.4. Bee Movie

3.2.5. Lord of The Rings