PC Operating System

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PC Operating System by Mind Map: PC Operating System

1. OS Definition

1.1. What is an Operating System?

1.1.1. The purpose of an operating system is to organize and control hardware and software so that the device it lives in behaves in a flexible but predictable way. The operating system is the first thing installed onto the computer and without it, the computer is useless. The, mouse, keyboard, copying and pasting are all controlled by the operating system.

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2. Windows 7

2.1. PROS:

2.1.1. Windows 7 is a popular operating system. It is easy to use. Windows has been around for a long time and most individuals are familiar with it.

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2.2. CONS:

2.2.1. Windows 7 cost money and is limited. It does not come pre installed. Because windows 7 is used often, it is targeted by spyware and viruses

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3. Apple, OS X

3.1. PROS:

3.1.1. Mac OS X has Excellent user interface and usability. It is also stable and secure. It has a largenumber of applications. Targeted less by spyware and viruses.

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3.2. CONS:

3.2.1. Though, based on open source operating systems, it is still proprietary. he Operating system is limited to a specific platform. The cost of ownership is high

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4. Linux: Ubuntun

4.1. PROS:

4.1.1. It can be an alternative to windows. It gets less viruses than windows. Faster boot up. It is Free!

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4.2. CONS:

4.2.1. can have problems with viewing videos. Is not compatible for window games. Installing maybe difficult.

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5. Google: Chromium

5.1. Chromium OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides aexperience for people who spend most of their time on the fast, simple, and more secure computing web.

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