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life-after-death by Mind Map: life-after-death
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human IS soul &body



spiritual death

common death

soul after death

survives after death as gift of god

has consciousness

the human hypostasis still exists. the main characteristics, the character the ways  

not final judgment

medium situation

hebrews 11:39-40  

should we pray for the dead?

yes, it is our obligation

ancient practice of the church

we do not aggree to the bad deeds they deed , but we still love them

church teaching

we do not know how god will judge everybody

it is not forbidden in the bible

because the dead CARE FOR US

does our prayer help the dead?

yes but god controls it.

gives them some comfort even they are in hell

we can also do some charity in their name. it is NOT THAT WE BRIBE GOD BY THIS

can we communicate with our dead?

only by the church. Jesus is our unbroken union

we must avoid fortune tellers, magicians etc..

the dead DO NOT need money or other earthly things. they need the prayer of the church

how about ghosts?

can i pray for my dead relatives who where non christians ?

yes, it is your duty

you must pray for the babies murdered by their parents by abortion

how the church prays for the dead

every Saturday is dedicated to pray for the dead

in every liturgy commemorate them

after death

there is no purgatorium

it is not mentioned in bible

in Lazarus-rich man parable is not mentioned.

1 Corinthians 3:13