How a business can use Web 2.0 technologies

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How a business can use Web 2.0 technologies by Mind Map: How a business can use Web 2.0 technologies

1. Advertising

1.1. A business can use wide range multi-media to advertise their products or services on the web.

1.2. A business can advertise their services or products on social-networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

2. Online Networking

2.1. Employees or employers can recruit clientelle by networking on the web.

3. Communication

3.1. Between employers and employees.

3.2. Between customers and employees.

3.3. Between the business and 3rd parties.

3.4. Blogging between personnel regarding inter-company subjects.

4. Brainstorming

4.1. A business can use services such as Mindmeister to encourage all employees to help brainstorming on a project.

5. VoIP

5.1. The company can have a live confrence or meeting with other companies over seas via a web cam.

6. Sales

6.1. A business can use a web site where it can sell thier products on the web. They can upload pictures of the products on the web so that the consumers know what they are buying.

7. Web hosting

7.1. Selling a web-based service where users can receive e-mail capabilities and website hosting from you.

8. 3rd party advertising

8.1. Other companies can advertise their services or products on your website for a nominal monthly fee.

9. Wiki's

9.1. A way to share intellectual property over the web with a website where anyone can contribute with their thoughts, facts, opinions and ideas.

10. Web applications

10.1. Providing online web-based e-mail for employees.

10.2. Providing map services to couriers.

10.3. Providing database searching services on your intranet.