Natural Hazards

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Natural Hazards by Mind Map: Natural Hazards

1. Definition

1.1. A natural hazard is something bad caused by nature.

2. Location

2.1. World wide.

3. Causes

3.1. Earthquakes happen when two plates under the earth move or move up/down. Tsunamis can happen if the two plates move under the ocean. Volcanoes start as magma, and when the magma rises it melts parts in the rock around it and that creates a room for the magma. Pressure from the rock around the magma pushes the magma up towards the surface through one of the softer parts of the rock which makes a volcanic eruption.

4. Impacts

4.1. Natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tornadoes and tsunami's can destroy villages that have houses that aren't well built with concrete. But earthquakes and tsunami's can destroy entire cities.

5. Prevention

5.1. Preventing natural hazards from destroying cities is a difficult thing. For tsunami's you could build a wall to protect the city. If the wall was high and strong enough, it might not be able to get into the city. You could also alert the whole country that something is coming.

6. Protection

6.1. Building stronger houses made of concrete can help for protection against natural hazards.

7. Known case studies