Natural Hazards

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Natural Hazards by Mind Map: Natural Hazards

1. Defintion

1.1. A volcano is caused when the two tectonic plates rumble on top of each other.

1.2. Earthquakes are caused when the rocks breaks underground causing energy to come up causing seismic

1.3. Natural Hazard is the cause of extreme weather in places around the world. Natural Hazards become Natural Disaters when homes and people are at state

1.4. Natural Hazards have to inflict in Humans or has a negative side.

1.5. earthquakes are caused by the accumulated strain energy that is stored in the Earth Crust.

1.6. Volcanoes are caused by molten rocks and the while the gases escape to the surface

2. Location

2.1. Most Big Tsunami's happen when when a place has no countries surrunding the water.

2.2. In Asia there are many Natural Hazards.

2.3. Not many natural Hazards happen in Singapore

2.4. The ring of fire is a group of volcanoes that is alongside the line a tectonic border.

2.5. Natural Hazarads can happen anywhere around the world.

2.6. Tornado's and cyclones can happen anywhere around the world.

2.7. Earthquakes will happen where tectonic borders are colliding.

2.8. Avalanches require a mountain.

3. Causes

3.1. Natural Hazards are caused mostly caused when the Earth Changes.

3.2. Some tsunuami's are caused because of EarthQuakes

3.3. Many Earthquakes and tsunami's can cause Erosion.

3.4. Earthquakes can cause volcanoes and tsunamis

3.5. Cause loss of homes

3.6. Injuries.

3.7. Natural Hazards occur when there is extreme weathers.

3.8. Different Natural Hazards have causes for different things.

4. Impacts

4.1. Natural Hazards can destroy homes.

4.2. Injure people

4.3. Destroy Gas Stations

4.4. Lead to Radioactive Gas

4.5. Destruction of the city

4.6. Lead to other Natural Hazards.

4.7. Impact of peoples families

4.8. Poverty

5. Prevention

5.1. Some Countries are building Earthquake proof building and tsunami proof buildings.

5.2. All countries have a satellites telling them when the Earth is changing to cause a Natural Hazard

5.3. Everyone will get alerts from the News or their phone about Natural Hazards.

5.4. Many people move as refuges in case of natural Hazards.

5.5. There are many alerts of natural Hazards when they occur

6. Protection

6.1. Japan is building many walls to protect them from tsunami's.

6.2. Many countries are still rebuilding from natural disaters

6.3. Many people move as refuges because of Natural Hazards.

6.4. When some Natural Hazards happen it would come on television or even on your phones.

6.5. Many companies are there to help support countries that are victims of Natural Hazards.

6.6. MAny countries donate money to charity of natural disaters

7. Know Case Studies

7.1. There is a typhoon coming in 2015

7.2. Many Scientist Can tell when a natural hazard is about to happen also in the future.

7.3. Weathering can cause things to change in our nature change.

7.4. Erosion can make Rocks and Soil dispear

7.5. Can be fatal

7.6. In the past it is believed that many volcanoes had erupted and wiped out the whole human race.