Conversation model

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Conversation model by Mind Map: Conversation model

1. elements

1.1. topic

1.2. context

1.3. type

1.3.1. question

1.3.2. statement

2. Theoritical Problems

2.1. Topic inference

2.1.1. Limit to "film"

2.1.2. LDA?

2.2. Response generation

2.2.1. Simple enlg

2.2.2. openccg

3. Different type of queries

3.1. Question

3.1.1. For questions, we need to find a answer, some times the answer is about the bot or else, so we need ...

3.1.2. Knowledge base This will be a large stuff workarounds Just use a chat bot program, which requires no knowledge resource, but still robust in context

3.2. Statement

3.2.1. For statements we needs to make a statement or a question as response

3.2.2. Statements are usually downplayers or expression self opinions

3.2.3. Question is made when confirm or query some knowledges.

3.2.4. Create a new topic

3.2.5. Workarounds Subtopic inference model Skip this by ensuring a fixed topic Generate close related sentence without full understanding Decide when to change topic/subtopic, or end the conversation It can be done randomly, when user gives a statement

3.3. How to answer them ...

4. Practical problems

4.1. Make a acceptable response given a statement query

4.1.1. Hierachy model Express self opinion on the same / related object This usually leads to a coming question Make a confirmation / Query of some informations on the related topic as a last solution: downplayer as a last solution: downplayer

4.2. Topic construction in the response

4.2.1. Input topic, keywords as the context

4.2.2. output Object / topic to respond with