How Businesses can use Web 2.0 technology

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How Businesses can use Web 2.0 technology by Mind Map: How Businesses can use Web 2.0 technology

1. Mash ups

1.1. You can develop collaborative applications in days

1.2. Saves the business time and money

1.3. They can give a business a competitive edge over there rivals

1.4. They can give a variety of information to a business that has already been summerised

2. Blogs

2.1. Firstly a blog is communication tool that a business can use which is very similar to a website

2.2. Blogs can be updated on a regular basis

2.3. Announcements can frequently be made on blogs about any business activity

2.4. Businesses will establish better relationships with their stakeholders

3. Wikis

3.1. A wiki is a webpage that anybody can use to collaborate with other people

3.2. Several people can work on a wiki and that can make it very easy and quicker to complete group projects

3.3. It's simple to use and anybody can use it very easily within a specific team that has set it up

3.4. It can be used for things like project planning, managing meetings, documentations and so on

4. Social Networking

4.1. The business can cmmunicate with people that are faw away from it very easily

4.2. It helps businesses establish online relationships with clients and potential clients

4.3. It can easy and cheaply attract more people

4.4. It eliminates the time,money and effort put in to get new interested parties on board

5. Crowd Sourcing

5.1. CrowdSourcing is the act of taking work that used to be dine internally in a business and outsourcing it to a group of people or a community for their contributions & pick the best one

5.2. The business can focus on other things

5.3. It's cost effective as they will save on additional employee expenses like Pension, medical aid etc

5.4. Better all round solutions can be implemented because of the knowledge gained in the selection process