Using Web 2.0 technologies to start a business.

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Using Web 2.0 technologies to start a business. by Mind Map: Using Web 2.0 technologies to start a business.

1. Advanced gaming It can be used to build stronger relationships with your co-workers. Example: Online games Nitendo we Poker games

2. E-commerce Creating a large supplier and customer trading platform. Example: E-bay

3. Social Networking Sites Informations is shared and you gain better access to knowledge. Communication with customers and suppliers Example: • E-mail • Instant Messaging

4. Open source applications / interactive applications: It is used to advertise products and allows acces to collaboration information Example: • Dictionaries • Encyclopedias

5. Mash-ups It helps you to save money and time by finding locations more accurately. Example: Google Maps

6. Blogs: • My space • Twitter • Facebook Blogs is used in business to help with: • Communication • Advertising • To reach international markets • Creating new products and services • Sharing informations with people and colleagues

7. Rss It is used to gain information on the latest developments of competitors It also saves allot of time and money and it is used to increase efficiency.