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Mindmeister by Mind Map: Mindmeister

1. Maps out ideas in real time

2. What is it?

2.1. Mindmapping

2.2. Online collaboration tool

2.3. Works with Google Apps and most mobile iphones

3. How does it work?

3.1. The root topic starts in the center

3.2. Click on the + button or press "TAB" to add subtopics (child topic)

3.3. Press enter to add a sibling topic

3.4. Rearrange topics by dragging them

3.5. To have a free floating idea, drag it away from its parent until it is disconnected

3.6. Make connections between topics using the link tool

4. What can it be used for?

4.1. Personal

4.1.1. shopping/to do lists

4.1.2. vacation plans

4.1.3. family chores

4.1.4. Home Improvement plans

4.2. Business

4.2.1. staff meetings

4.2.2. proposals

4.2.3. content delivery

4.3. Education

4.3.1. outlines

4.3.2. assessments

4.3.3. mapping out curriculum

5. What are the special features?

5.1. Playback feature

5.1.1. Allows you to see the evolution of the mind map

5.1.2. Can view and save the map at any point, and can go back the map a stage point

5.2. Slideshow

5.3. Levels of mindmeister

5.3.1. Basic 3 maps share and collaborate limited images and icons embed links

5.3.2. Personal unlimited images unlimited maps embed files/images/videos

5.3.3. Professional - Export to Word or Powerpoint multiple users custom themes

5.3.4. Business custom domain/login group sharing external backup

6. How does it promote 21st century learning and teaching?

6.1. Teachers

6.1.1. Allows for multi-user participation

6.1.2. Teachers share maps and collaborate with coworkers

6.1.3. Lesson planning templates to map out curriculum

6.1.4. Assessment from teacher

6.2. Students

6.2.1. Finding key concepts and main ideas

6.2.2. Students work on projects together, and Mindmeister allows teacher to track what has been done and by whom

7. Where can I learn more about Mindmeister?

7.1. http://www.mindmeister.com/features

7.2. YouTube Tutorial 1: Getting Started

7.3. YouTube Tutorial 2: Themes and Styles

7.4. YouTube Tutoral 3: Sharing your Mindmap

7.5. YouTube Tutoral 4: Presentation Mode

7.6. YouTube Tutorial 5: Adding Notes, Links and Files