Web 2.0 How can a business make use of it.

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Web 2.0 How can a business make use of it. by Mind Map: Web 2.0  How can a business make use of it.

1. Cloud computing

1.1. Business using it do not own the infrastrucutre

1.2. They purchase their computing services from remote providers

1.2.1. They pay only for the actual amount of computing power they use.

1.2.2. Called on-demand computing

1.3. Business computing is changing how businesses work

1.4. More appealing to small and medium sized businesses

2. Software mashups

2.1. Enables users to create something new by mixing and matching different content.

2.2. Eg. Flickr

3. Wikis

3.1. Business use it to share information eg. sales.

3.2. They reuse the information that they posted on wikis instead of creating a new pitch every time.

4. Blogs

4.1. Individuals can publish:

4.1.1. Stories

4.1.2. Opinions

4.1.3. Links to other sites

4.2. How business use them:

4.2.1. Companies use them as a new channel for reaching customers.

4.2.2. They provide new information on the business to the public and prospective customers.

4.2.3. It is a web-based tool for marketing.

4.2.4. Companies also post adds on the most popular sites created by others.

5. RSS

5.1. Rich Site Summary

5.2. Pulls specific content from web sites and feeds it automatically to users computers. Can be stored for later viewing.

5.3. Business use it to distribute updated corporate information.

5.4. Uses it to deliver news feeds about the company and jobs.

6. What it is

6.1. It is a source of data and services that can be combined to create applications users need.

6.2. It has fueled the creation of social networking

6.3. It helped with the development of people interacting with one another.

7. Widgets

7.1. Small software programs that can be added to web pages

7.2. Provides storefront windows

7.2.1. For advertising

7.2.2. Selling products

7.2.3. Selling services

8. Stashia du Toit 10010026

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