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SelfDesign font-end site Content areas by Mind Map: SelfDesign
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Content areas
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SelfDesign font-end site Content areas

SelfDesign 101

Online "Village of Conversations"

The technology



Knowledge base

SelfDesign learning system


SelfDesign curriculum

SelfDesign Lifemap

SelfDesign Paragon

learning consultants (overview)

Our community

Learning centres and circles

British Columbia Learning Centres, Vancouver, Creston, Nelson, What's a learning centre?

US Learning Circles, Austin, TX, Ojai, CA, Other?, What's a learning circle?

success stories

HS dropout to University scholar

from victim to selfdesigner

meet some families

Wand, Boyes, Hay, Pope families

Partners & Groups

Join our circle of friends



About SelfDesign

Who we are

Learning Consultants



What people are saying

Our history


Letter from our founder

Our mission and vision

philosophy and methodology

mission, vision, values, tenets, etc.

Our foundations

US foundation

Canadian foundation

Our board

Our programs

Global program

Program overview

Ages 6-14, Getting started, Distance learning paths 6-14

Ages 14-18, Getting started, High school online courses, course descriptions, Distance learning paths 14-18, Teen learning circles

British Columbia Program

Program overview

Ages 6-14, Getting started

Ages 14-18, Getting started

High school online courses, course descriptions

BC Home learners network, history of HLN, ministry regulations

BC Special education program


Our courses


Parenting Coaching: Foundations

Springboard to SelfDesign?

Personal development

SelfDesign Foundations

Path to SelfDesign

Web Journey


Steps for enrollment in program(s)

Steps for enrollment in courses

Tuition (Global program)

the store

Contact us

US contact

British Columbia contact

Submit a question

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