How Businesses can use web 2.0 technologies

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How Businesses can use web 2.0 technologies by Mind Map: How Businesses can use web 2.0 technologies

1. Advantages to business

1.1. Productivity gains

1.2. Making user feedback part of development process

1.3. Improve usability of customer products

1.4. Increase competitive advantage

1.5. Reduce costs

2. Types of web 2.0 technology

2.1. Social Networking

2.1.1. Facebook

2.1.2. MySpace

2.1.3. Twitter

2.2. Wikis

2.2.1. Collaborates publishing

2.2.2. Allows users to contribute information online

2.3. Blogs

2.3.1. Online journals

2.3.2. Can be distributed to other sites

2.4. RSS News feed

2.4.1. Subscribe to online news, blogs, etc

2.5. Podcasts

2.5.1. Audio/video recording online

2.6. Mashups

2.6.1. Multimedia blogs

3. Why beneficial

3.1. Easy to implement

3.2. Increase competitive advantage

3.3. Reduce costs

4. Customers

4.1. Interacting

4.1.1. Information can be shared about specific product/service

4.2. Suggestions

4.2.1. Gain easy access to suggestions of customers through social networking

4.2.2. Receive responses quickly

4.3. Comments and opinions

4.3.1. Customers can comment on the effectiveness of products and services

4.3.2. Business can from new ideas from customer's opinions

4.3.3. Wants and needs of customers are highlighted

4.3.4. Focus on desires of customers

4.4. Build consumer and producer relationships

5. Suppliers

5.1. Interaction

5.2. Suggestions

5.3. Reporting methods

5.3.1. Delivery tracking

6. Employees

6.1. Keeping in touch globally

6.1.1. Employees can communicate globally therefore generate ideas without being in the same room.

6.1.2. Different Religion, Culture and creativity are combined to generate best ideas

6.1.3. Employees can be informed of changes in technology worldwide.

6.2. Collective Inteligence

6.2.1. Free flow of information through wikis

6.2.2. Different product areas can share suggestions for product development

6.3. Feedback

6.4. Input

6.4.1. Managers and workers can collaborate together without formal meetings

6.4.2. Information can be shared at different times therefore time is saved and can be spent effectively elsewhere

7. What is web 2.0 technology

7.1. Web applications

7.2. Facilitates interaction of information sharing

7.3. Ensures collaboration through world wide web