Utopia Essay

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Utopia Essay by Mind Map: Utopia Essay

1. Economy

1.1. Mixed

1.1.1. A mixed economy is a good choice for the economy of my utopia because it allows private businesses, but the government can intervene if it is necessary.

1.1.2. Since a mixed economy allows privately owned property and businesses and since it also allows the government to intervene with the privately owned business, it is partially democratic and communistic. Therefore, I will use it in my utopia.

1.2. Effects

1.2.1. A mixed economy would affect my transportation and energy types.

1.2.2. Since the government takes part with some businesses in a economy, the production rate and selling rate might be lower or higher, depending on what the government wants.

2. Education

2.1. China

2.1.1. Chinas system of education is s good choice for my utopia because it is not enforced as much as South Koreas, but it is still very serious and important.

2.1.2. Since China's education system enforces and looks highly to education, but not as highly as some countries, I will use it in my utopia.

2.2. Effects

2.2.1. Chinese education systems would effect the government.

2.2.2. Since the government is run by people, the level of education the people have would define the level of the government. For example, if a government were run by dumb people, it would most likely be a dumb country. If it were run by smart people, it would most likely be a good, prosperous country.

3. Government

3.1. Communism

3.1.1. Communism is a good choice for my utopia because everyone is equal in the eyes of the government. Since communist governments look at everyone s equals and since it is a more fair and morale form of government than democracy, I will use it in my utopia.

3.2. Effects

3.2.1. A communistic form of government would affect my economy and education.

3.2.2. Since economies are based off of the type of government a society has, my economy would be a command economy. Since I did not want a total command economy, I made my economy a mixed economy.

4. Energy

4.1. Wind and Solar

4.1.1. Wind and solar energy are two good choices for my utopia because they are both renewable forms of energy and If one doesn't work, the other will.

4.1.2. Since both wind and solar are renewable forms of energy, and since they can take each others place to support people with energy, I will use them in my utopia.

4.2. Effects

4.2.1. Solar and wind energy types can effect the transportation.

4.2.2. Since transportation runs on energy, the source of the energy plays a big role in how productive the type of transportation is. For example, since bicycles run on energy from us humans, they might not go as fast as trains or cars and they might not go as far as airplanes. So if the types of transportation run on solar energy, they might not be as productive as they would be if they ran on gasoline, but they are more eco-friendly.

5. Transportation

5.1. Bicycles and Trains

5.1.1. Bicycles and trains are two good choices for my utopia because they are both fairly good for the environment and they are opposites. For example, Trains can be used to go long distances, while bicycles can be used to get around communities,

5.1.2. Since both bicycles and trains are productive forms of transportation, and since trains are used for traveling long distances while bicycles are used for travel between short distances, they will be in y utopia.

5.2. Effects

5.2.1. Bicycles and trains would effect the energy.

5.2.2. Since bicycles run on human power, there is no need for an alternative energy source. But since trains run on coal, our country's energy would have to be coal. Therefore, my utopia will run on an alternative to coal, which is solar and wind energy.