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Idioms parts of the body by Mind Map: Idioms parts of the body
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Idioms parts of the body


Give one´s right arm: To say that you really like something.

Example: "I would give my right arm for a car like that."

Keep someone at arm length:Keep your distance from somebody or something.

Example: I try to keep at arm's length from Larry, since our disagreement. I keep Tom at arm's length because we don't get along.

Open arms:Is to greet and welcome eagerly

Example: They received their new daughter-in-law with open arms.


See the back of something:If you are pleased to see the back of something/someone, you are pleased that you no longer have to be involved with them

Example:The hotel staff were glad to see the back of such a difficult guest.

put someone´s back up: To annoy somebody.

Example:You really put her back up there, John.

put one´s back into something:work very hard at something

Example: "She put her back into it and got good results."

Behind someone´s back:do something secretly

Example:She went behind my back and told my boss I wanted a new job.


Get someone´s blood up: To get very angry, to be very nervous.

Example: It gets my blood up to see how bad behaved those children are.

Be in someone´s blood:To get something into the blood.

Example: She´s really good at dancing. It must be in her blood.


Make no bones about something:To say something that can be disgusting in a direct way.

Example: He didn´t make any bones about it and told his wife he had met another woman.

Have got a bone to pick with someone: have something (usually a complaint) that you want to discuss with someone

Example: He´s got a bone to pick with her since she refused to help him with the report.