Illegal Drug Abuse Media Team

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Illegal Drug Abuse Media Team by Mind Map: Illegal Drug Abuse Media Team

1. objectives

1.1. Students will be able to define the physical and psychological effects of specific drug abuse.

1.2. Students will be able to present orally their findings in a clear and direct manner.

1.3. Students will be able to compile information from multliple sources into a visual format.

1.4. Students will be able to fulfill the specific requirements of the presentation options.

1.5. Share the information in a clear and accurate form

2. goals

2.1. Understand the damaging effects of drug use

2.2. Understand reliable sources of information for this subject

2.3. Students will make healthy decisions when exposed to using illegal drugs

3. Resources

3.1. Wakeupnow

3.2. National Institue of Drug Abuse

3.3. Scholastic Heads- Up

4. Rubric of Evaluation

4.1. Profile

4.2. Fact Sheet-Infographic

4.3. Artistic Expression

5. Observation of Student Productivity

5.1. Student displays efficient use of class time.

5.2. Student displays effective research skills by evaluating website and using multiple sources.

5.3. Students display strategies of problem-solving skills. For example, asking questions, referring to teacher for clarification and assistance.

6. Student Presentation Options

6.1. Artistic Expression

6.1.1. Gather 10-15 facts on drug topic

6.1.2. Create a piece of artwork based on your findings

6.1.3. Write a brief explanation of artistic intention based on what you learned

6.2. Fact Sheet-Infographic

6.2.1. 10-15 facts on Drug topic

6.2.2. Symptoms

6.2.3. Physical effects

6.2.4. Brain effect

6.2.5. addictive qualities

6.2.6. treatment

6.2.7. infographic with at least 5 facts are incorporated into the graphic

6.3. Profile

6.3.1. Based on a factual bio of a person that is struggling with drug addiction

6.3.2. cover the following areas:

6.3.3. entry into abuse (gateway drug, type of drug use)

6.3.4. effect on physical appearance and function

6.3.5. effect on family and friends

6.3.6. effect on brain and learning performance

6.3.7. negative outcomes from the choice to do drugs

6.3.8. efforts to stop and treatment program

6.3.9. image

7. Student-selected topics

7.1. Marijuana/Hashish

7.2. Club Drugs

7.2.1. Ectasy/GHB

7.2.2. Ketamine and PCP

7.3. Anabolic Steriods

7.4. Inhalants

7.5. Stimulants

7.6. Prescription Drugs

7.7. Hallucinogens

8. Student Tech Tools

8.1. Prezi

8.2. Powerpoint

8.3. Piktochart

8.4. Glogster

8.5. Photography

9. Student Samples

9.1. Facebook Profile

9.2. Factsheet- Infographic

9.3. Artistic Expression