The Difference Between Input & Output

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The Difference Between Input & Output by Mind Map: The Difference Between Input & Output

1. The letters on a keyboard is standard across many countries.

1.1. Benefits

2. Challenges

2.1. Malfunctioning monitor drivers can hinder efficient performance of certain software applications and this can lower the quality of work done using the monitor.

2.2. LCD monitors require frequent monitoring to ensure that the drivers are computer virus free and are working properly.

3. Challenges

3.1. The person using the keyboard has to learn how to type

3.2. Could cause carpal tunnel syndrome (A feeling of numbness, tingling, burning, or aching pain in the fingers when the nerves are compressed or damaged)

4. keyboard-input

4.1. Used to enter data or commands

4.2. They have special keys that perform specific functions.

5. Monitor-Output

5.1. Make it possible for professionals such as fashion and graphic designers to compare their current designs with other designers' or their own previous works.

6. Application to Learning

7. Students reading and writing will improve. Students can use the monitor & keyboard to identify with colors, shapes, letter and sizes.