Family of Victor Frankenstein

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Family of Victor Frankenstein by Mind Map: Family of Victor Frankenstein

1. Alphonse Frankenstein - Victors Father.

1.1. Nice, very fatherly figure. Helps Victor relize the imporance of family.

2. Caroline Beaufort - Victors Mother?/ Alphonse's Wife

2.1. Daughter of Beaufort and is taken in by Alphonse. She will later marry Alphonse and die of Scarlet Fever.

3. William Frankenstein- Victor's little brother.

3.1. Baby of the Frankenstein family. Sweet.

4. Elizabeth Lavenza- Victor's adopted sister

4.1. Younger than Victor. Everyone loves Elizabeth

5. Henry Clerval - Childhood friend of Victor.

5.1. Loved enterprise, hardship, and danger. He was a boy with one talent and fancy.