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Disability by Mind Map: Disability
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The community offers support by offering carers, transport options and other day services to the young people.


The media defends and publicises stories about young people with a disability and what has happened in the public.


The Local governement and other community servces offer jobs and training opportunities to the young people


Helps the young people in a range of areas including transport, education, employment, accommodation and Access to building and other public places.


Teachers, the community, government, family and friends, health clinics, youth services, and many more services support and assist the young people in school, daily life, programs and helps them deal with the public and feel welcomed in the community.  

Government Funding

         Government support young people with a disability, by funding services and community programs. Also by issuing healthcare cards, pension and other funding. And also assidt with housing opportunties.


Some young people will lack in work skills because they can not afford an Education.  Education-Work skills: can help with the young people getting employment and training in the future. Education-Social Skills: Education enhances young peoples skills and supports them in becoming confident with socialising with the community.

Work Skills