Web.2 in your business

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Web.2 in your business by Mind Map: Web.2 in your business

1. Cloud Computing

1.1. Data are permanently stored inmassive data centers and accessed over the Internet using clients that include desktops, notebooks, netbooks and mobile devices.

1.2. Organizations using cloud computing generally do not have their own infrastructure, thus they don't have to make large investments in their own hardware and software.

1.3. Organizations can purchase their computing services from remote providers and only pay for the computing power they use.

2. Mashups

2.1. The idea is to take software from different sources and combine it in order to produce an application that is "greater" then the sum of its parts.

2.2. Individual users and entire companies can mix these software components to create their own customized applications.

3. Widgets

3.1. Widgets are small progammes that can be added to web pages e.g it can transport you to pages where their is extra information.

3.2. While working on a report or something similar one can add widgets instead of extra places for similar info thus saving time.

4. Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

4.1. Workers can use this to stay updated on current affairs. It pulls specified content from websites and feeds it to the users computers, where it can be stored for later viewing.

5. Blogs

5.1. Blogs allow visitors to ad comments to the original content, but they do not allow visitors to change tho original posted material.

5.2. E.g Empoyees can make use of blogging when working on a project, the project leader acctually configuers the work and his team can add their input and he can decide if its useful.

6. Wikis

6.1. Wikis run hand in hand with Blogs. Wikis are collaborative web sites where visitors can add, delete or modify the content.

6.2. Wikis can be used in team orientated projects, as a member thinks of a new idea, easier way of reaching goal, ways to save costs etc it can all be added eddited.

7. Online Client Services

7.1. Clients can order online

7.2. Clients can give feedback

8. Advertising and purchasing

8.1. The Internet is availible world wide so anyone interested in your products can order it.