Web 2.0 Technologies in Business

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Web 2.0 Technologies in Business by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Technologies in Business

1. Advertising

1.1. Can be continually updated

1.2. Easily accessed by potential customers

1.3. Easy to create advertisements

1.4. Reaches a wider market easier

1.5. Save money on printing and distribution costs

2. Comunication

2.1. In a franchise blogs and interactive web sites can be used for cross-board communication.

2.2. Sending out newsletters or product specials to customers.

3. RSS

3.1. Can be used to receive live news feeds from competitors and their offers to customers

3.2. Can be used to monitor product news and possible improvements

3.3. Can be used to check the news papers and other sources for product related information

4. Blogs

4.1. Can be used to create customer comminication and receive comments on the businesess products and services.

4.2. Can be used to create communication between employees and employer.

4.3. Can be used for customers and even employees to voice their independentopinionson the business

5. Wikis

5.1. Similar to blogs wikis can also be used to create intrest and response in the business, but unlike blogs the information shared can be controlled by the business.

6. Employee Management

6.1. Various forms of employee management can be used:

6.1.1. Working hours can be monitored by making employees log into a secure web site which tracks the working hours of the employee. This website can also be used as a form of in-office communication- chat rooms.

6.1.2. Delivery vehicles can be tracked using satelite tracking systems which are linked to a web site.

7. Software Mashups

7.1. This can be used to add or compare diferent websites. Therefore a business can compare its own web pages with those of competitors.

8. How can Web 2.0 Technology Improve business?

8.1. This technology can improve and simplify many aspects of business if used efficiently and effectively.

8.2. Business can improve many aspects of its functionality through the clever use of Web 2.0 technologies.