Sarah G
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My PLN by Mind Map: My PLN

1. Goal 1

1.1. Become a teacher!

1.1.1. Plan Will complete Teach-Now program and obtain appropriate certification(s)/license(s). In the process of doing so, will need to complete multiple proficiency tests as well as student teaching and all assignments. Networking Tools

2. Goal 2

2.1. Research PLN Options

2.1.1. Plan Prior to obtaining a job, will investigate effective ways to build a network. By doing so, I can gain ideas, pros/cons of lesson plans and classroom management techniques. Will help me become a more competitive candidate by knowing current standards/curriculum. Networking Tools

3. Goal 3

3.1. Implement PLN

3.1.1. Plan Upon researching a few tools, will plan on actively using them to network and grow as a professional teacher. Networking Tools