How to use web 2.0 Technologies

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How to use web 2.0 Technologies by Mind Map: How to use web 2.0 Technologies

1. web 2.0 is the second-generation interactive Internet-based services

1.1. web2.0 include cloud computing,software mishups and widgets,blogs,RSS,and wikis

1.2. These are software services that users and system developers to mix and match content or software components to create something entirely.

2. To maintain relationships with customers

3. For supplier intimacy

4. To give workers the platform to do their work

5. For advertising and product promotion

6. Introduction of new products and srvices and increase in sales

7. Online shoping-which is much cheaper

8. Collaborating and sharing information with workers,customers and suppliers.

9. Provide new services online

10. Allows the business to create a paltform for customers to post comments and complains