Web 2.0 technologies.

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Web 2.0 technologies. by Mind Map: Web 2.0 technologies.

1. Web-servers locates and manages stored web pages in a business.

2. Webmining will help business to understand customer behavior.

3. Wikis can be used to share sales informations.

4. Extranents can be used for collaborating with other companies for supply chain management, product design and development, and training efforts.

5. RSS (Rich Site Summary) automatically feeds specified content to users' computers where it gets stored for later usage. Businesses use it to post news feeds about business to their employees.

6. People can publish stories opinions and links to other websites via Blogs

7. They can create new-online services.

7.1. Offline Mode

7.2. Geistesblitz Tools

7.3. Email & SMS Gateways

7.4. Compare Editions

8. Via Blogs executives can communicate with employees and customers.

9. Data and services provided can be combine to create application's users need.

10. Social networks makes it possible for businesses to communicate online.

11. Businesses can use Web 2.0 to gain major source of competitive advantage.

11.1. Information-systems is used to create products and services that are customized and personalized.

11.1.1. Businesses can share information with other companies.

11.1.2. Widgets , cloud computing and mashups are also services businesses can use to their advantage. Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...