Creating Suspense

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Creating Suspense by Mind Map: Creating Suspense

1. Lighting

1.1. Low key lighting is essential as it can be hiding something from the audience.

2. Music

2.1. Tense music can really build up suspense for the audience

2.2. Silence can also be very good when creating suspense as it leaves the audience knowing something is going to happen, however they don't now when it will happen.

3. Iconography

3.1. Iconography is objects that you would expect to see in a thriller film.

3.2. Some example of iconography in thrillers are; weapons and money

3.3. Iconography lets the audience know the genre and can give them clues as to what the storyline is about

4. Element of mystery

4.1. The thriller genre is one of the only genres that don't reveal much in the opening sequence. It leaves the audience thinking about what could happen creating tension as well as engaging with the target audience.

5. Setting

5.1. Setting is essential when creating suspense as it needs to have the right feel.

5.2. Some good examples of settings are; in an ally, woods, warehouse or empty room.

5.3. The setting can affect the lighting so in order to create suspense you would want to set the film in a darker area.

6. Typogaphy

6.1. Typography is what tells the audience who is in the film but can also help to indicate the genre and build suspense.

6.2. When looking for a thriller themed font you would want blood dripping off the letters or flashing letters to buil suspense.