How does where we live affect how we live?

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How does where we live affect how we live? by Mind Map: How does where we live affect how we live?

1. religion

1.1. India - Hinduism, USA - Christianity

1.1.1. growing up in a geographic rgion

2. Language

2.1. language and history

3. food and diet

3.1. vegetation and food sources

3.1.1. the way you gather or make them, might

4. skin color

4.1. climate and equator

4.1.1. physical appearance

4.1.2. physical appearance

5. sports and hobbies

5.1. geography/climate

5.1.1. mountainous areas - skiing flat lands - futbol and polo

5.2. Ice hockey probably not played in Ghana, but not any more because of Globalization

6. transportation

6.1. cities and suburbs living closer or inside

7. clothing and resource

7.1. climate

7.1.1. hot climates, less covered and thin cloths

7.1.2. cold climate - more cloths

7.2. housing

7.2.1. air conditioning and heat insulation Canada can't have flat roof Canada can't have flat roof

8. job opportunites

8.1. job availability

8.1.1. vegetation jobs and not as

8.1.2. economic systems incomes

8.1.3. economic systems

8.2. value of money -- location in the world

8.2.1. supply lines and shipping costs

9. government

9.1. Europe - EU - easy travel access and the alliances that your country has benefit you

10. resource availability

10.1. what's available to you would make things very different

10.2. Globalization

10.2.1. you used to have only nearby resources

10.2.2. now we can get access to world goods

10.3. medicines

11. education

11.1. country dictates what you learn

11.1.1. country based -- environmnet

12. health

12.1. medical ammenities

12.1.1. religion, resources, education chemicals herbs and plants methods of health accupunture

12.2. food sources could be remedies, diet based

13. population

13.1. housing

13.1.1. cities availability homelessness access to water or bay important for sustainable cities

13.1.2. quality of life urban and industrial air quality and pollution

14. entertainment

14.1. music

14.1.1. movies

15. Language

16. geography is the fundamental basis -- 100s of years ago, geography completely dictates culture- now changing - Divine.

16.1. culture is affected by geography and history, history is a good set up because of the environment - Kojo

16.1.1. Earthquake, and natural disasters affect population and housing, and government,

16.2. Type of land - affects population and farming and subsistence, job opportunites and urbanization

17. mentality

17.1. getting versus growing

17.2. lifestlye and population density