Web 2.0 Technologies for business purposes

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Web 2.0 Technologies for business purposes by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Technologies for business purposes

1. Audio in Video

1.1. Skype


1.3. Metacafe

2. Social Networking

2.1. Facebook

2.2. My Space

2.3. Twitter

3. The uses of social networking in a business:

3.1. (1) Businesses can find new workers and advertise postions on social networks.

3.2. (2) Latest products can be displayed on social networks

3.3. (3) The company can have "free" promotions, ie giving away of a product to a "fan" of a page, that meets certain criteria.

4. Uses of Audio in video in a business

4.1. (1)This function of web 2.0 technology can be used for the communication of employees and employers, and project leaders, etc. Help can also be given over this form of web 2.0 technology

4.2. (2)As a result of audio being transmitted over the internet, new applications have become available,eg Skype

4.3. (3)These programs have big benefits for businesses, because it is cheaper than making a land line call, and you can reach anyone with an internet connetion, anywhere in the world.

5. Blogs

5.1. iBlog

5.2. Blogger

5.3. 24 com blogs

6. Forums

6.1. This appears on most sites as feed back from the public.

6.2. Also a place to possibly find answers to certain questions

7. Uses of Blogs and Forums in Business:

7.1. (1)People can express their thoughts of the business and product via blogs and forums.

7.2. (2)The business can use the feed back and if necessary they can adapt their business/product

7.3. (3)Workers can also get together and talk about possible current issues within the work place

8. Simplicity

8.1. Google

8.2. Yahoo

8.3. Bing

8.4. JavaScript

9. Wiki's

9.1. Wikipedia

9.2. wikispaces

9.3. wikis

10. Simplicity in terms of business:

10.1. (1)With internet getting easier to use, more people are starting to use it, and this would mean more clients over the internet(e-business)

10.2. (2)Businesses can advertise over the internet, in many different ways, eg Facebook.

11. Uses of wiki's in Business's

11.1. (1)wiki's can bring the idea formation to a whole new level. As an intitial idea is put forward, others within that group may add to the idea, and improve it before it is designed

11.2. (2)Because wiki's are from people's previous experiences, the business could foresee that problem, and over come it before it is an actual problem, which would give a competitve advantage over business's not using internet(wiki's)