How business could use web 2.0

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How business could use web 2.0 by Mind Map: How business could use web 2.0

1. Cloud Computing

1.1. Use spesific applications of a program through cloud computing of a remote computer , reducing costs of buying whole program.

1.2. Employees and managers use software applications from cloud computing, this reduces costs of buying own hardware and software.

1.3. Create program and store on remote computer, leasing or selling software.

2. Software mashups and widgets

2.1. Create user friendly and easy assessable interface for customers, suppliers.

2.2. Create application to assist employees with work.

2.3. Create program to better suite businesses needs, reduces cost of hardware.

3. Blogs

3.1. Online meeting between managers.

3.2. Sharing information and news with employees, customers and suppliers.

3.3. Use blogroll to provide relating links

3.4. Ask and answer questions for research and a more personal way to present information to current and prospective customers.

3.5. Use blog-watching for information about new products, old brands, ad campaigns, and customer interests.

4. RSS

4.1. Managers gets updates on new products of competing companies, new competing companies, complaints about revises and/ or products.

4.2. Employees receive business news

5. Wikis

5.1. Senior management : Planning and collabarating idees, while saving time and money.

5.2. Share and store information,knowledge and insights of business(company) with employees.

5.3. Planning functions

6. You-tube

6.1. Training videos.

6.2. Advertising