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Atonement of Jesus Christ by Mind Map: Atonement of Jesus Christ
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Atonement of Jesus Christ

Hymns about Christ's sacrifice and atonement

136 - I know that my Redeemer Lives


221 - Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd

196 - Jesus, Once of Humble Birth


193 - I Stand All Amazed

Corinne & Katy

169 - As Now I Take the Sacrament


219 - Because I have been Given Much


Blessings of sharing the gospel

Isaiah 52:7

Messenger's feet are beautiful because the message is of good tidings, peace and salvation

Mosiah 15:13-18

Beautiful are the feet who share the gospel. Beautiful are the feet of those who are still sharing the gospel (its never over). Beautiful are the feet of Him who bring the atonement (Christ).

Isaiah's prophesies of Christ's atonement

Isaiah 50:5-7

Isaiah 51:6

Isaiah 51:22

Isaiah 52:3

Isaiah 53:2-4

Christ is beautiful, He bore our griefs and sorrows

Isaiah 53:5

Christ must love us because He chose to be "wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities"

Isaiah 53:6-7

What are ways we sometimes"turn our own way" and how can we be more like the Savior (open not our mouth)?

Isaiah 53:10

It pleases the Lord because He loves His children and because His son was willing to do this, we can all be saved and can return to our Father

Isaiah 53:8-11

Isaiah 53:12

Christ will share the fruits or blessings from His victory with all of His followers (hopefully that includes me). What are these fruits of Christ's victory (over sin and death) that He is willing to share with us?

What are we to do?

Isaiah 51:1, 4, 7

Hearken, seek the Lord, listen to Him, Fear not men or their reviling

Isaiah 51:12-13

Always remember Him, do not fear Satan

Isaiah 52:1-2

Put on they garments (strength of the priesthood)

Isaiah 52:11

Be clean - do not even touch anything that is not clean